Company Core Technology

1. Double Lead Worm Shaft
High Accuracy Material Adjustment Method Characteristics

Double lead worm shaft has different lead and lead angle in right and left sides.
The tooth space of GANRO double lead worm shaft is between 0.005 and 0.01mm that push the limits of high precision and micro backlash for any process of design, machine tooling and inspections.


The screw is from small to big. The thread of the double lead worm shaft becomes bigger gradually ; therefore, backlashes can be optimally adjusted simply by moving the worm shaft to the axial direction to enhance the accuracy. With this design, the parts can be simplified to save the inner space.

The tooth of the double lead worm shaft is 1/3 deeper than others. The feature of more touched surface between tooth and worm is suitable for heavy cutting and provides better transmission.

Comparison of Worm Wheel
Albronze (JIS) Ultimate tensile strength
Elongation(%) Hardness Percentage of Cu(%) Percentage of Fe(%)
CAC702 (ALBC2) 490 20 120 80~88 2.5~5
CAC703 (ALBC3) 590 15 160 78~85 3.0~6.0
  According to this chart, ALBC 3 is better than ALBC 2 in all aspects. Therefore, we use ALBC3 to make worm wheel, so that the features of heavy loading, low abrasion and uneasy deformation can be realized.

2. Coupling
2-1 Use SCM-415 steel, after special heating process, it can endure the impact and has high rigidity. Therefore, high accuracy and stability can be ensured.
2-2 Patent No.119837
2-3 Table with special 3 pcs hirth coupling will not lift during rotating. With accurate joint of worm gear and worm wheel, the positioning can be easily achieved. The feature of high rigidity and strong clamping can be applied in difficult cutting material and multi-angle heavy cutting. The high performance and high quality can be shown if the table equipped with coupling.
3. Axial / Radial Bearing
3-1 Axial/radial bearings support radial and axial loads from both sides and tilting movement without clearance and are particularly suitable for bearing arrangements with high requirements for heavy loads and high accuracy.
3-2 The deformation is practically negligible when the table takes its utmost loading limit and under heavy cutting.
4. Disk Brake System
4-1 Brake system is located at the body and main shaft, so that the clamping can be fully realized to reduce the table oscillation while heavy cutting.
4-2 Using multi-piece brake piece, it can increase brake surface. Compared with old model, the brake power will increase at least two times.